What We Believe

Our foundational doctrines are those of Australian Christian Churches.

We believe that the Bible is God's Word. It is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our every day lives.

We believe in one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. He exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He is totally loving and completely holy.

We believe that sin has separated each of us from God and His purpose for our lives.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ as both God and man is the only One who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again to prove His victory and empower us for life.

We believe that in order to receive forgiveness and the 'new birth' we must repent of our sins, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and submit to His will for our lives.

We believe that in order to live the holy and fruitful lives that God intends for us, we need to be baptised in water and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables us to use spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues which is the initial evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God has individually equipped us so that we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives which is to worship God, fulfil our role in the Church and serve the community in which we live.

We believe that God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and prosperous lives in order to help others more effectively.

We believe that our eternal destination of either Heaven or hell is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised.

We believe that the elders to a local church are what parents are to a family. They are to function as spiritual parents to the local church family.

We also ascribe to core values as listed.

The vision God has given this Church Fellowship is anchored and built upon our values.

Our foundational values reflect our belief system. They represent our convictions and are building stones for building the church.

These values breathe life into the vision and sustain the quality of the vision.

  • WE VALUE GOD'S WORD…The Bible is God's inspired Word, the authority and trustworthy plumb line for faith and day to day living of all Christians. 1 Peter 1:23

  • WE VALUE GOD'S MANIFEST PRESENCE… To live and walk in God's presence is a passion of this fellowship. We believe that the power and realisation of His presence is ours as we worship Him in spirit and in truth. Exodus 33:14

  • WE VALUE THE HOLY SPIRIT… His moving and leading upon our hearts as individuals as well as corporately is most desired and welcomed. The Baptism of the Spirit and, Gifts of the Holy Spirit are part of our basic belief system.

  • WE VALUE FAMILY… We desire to see the restoration and healing of family both in the natural and also as a church family. Psalm 68:6

  • WE VALUE SPONTANEOUS PRAISE AND EXPRESSIONS OF WORSHIP THROUGH MUSIC AND SONG… We desire to have this fellowship understand what worship is. We want our song to shake darkness and bring liberty to captives. Romans 12:1-2

  • WE VALUE THE PRINCIPLE OF CITY WIDE UNITY… We are so aware that we are a small part of the Body of Christ in the city and desire to be part of the answer to Jesus' prayer. Father make them one. John 17:21-23

  • WE VALUE THE HOLINESS OF GOD… Our heart is to present Christ in character and conduct, not through legalism but by an understanding that Grace is the power of God imparted to believers to facilitate change. Ephesians 4:24

  • WE VALUE PRAYER… Part of our name prophetically appointed is that we become a house of prayer for all nations. We desire that prayer be the base line for every venture we pursue as a church. Philippians 4:6

  • WE VALUE EXCELLENCE… Not perfection but doing the best that can be done at any given point of time.

  • WE VALUE RELATIONSHIPS… Our desire is to love one another as Christ has commanded. We embrace the early church model of hospitality… family life group meetings and facilitating other times for mutual fellowship and opportunities to learn to love and grow together as a church family.

    Relationships are not optional for any of us as Christians. Productive, empowering relationships make ministering easy, delightful and efficient with maximum breadth of impact – they are foundational to building a life-giving church. Acts 2:46

  • WE VALUE ACCOUNTABILITY AND INTEGRITY… Uprightness, trustworthiness, transparency and faithfulness are being built into the fabric of this church. 1 John1:7

  • WE VALUE THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY GIFTS TO THE CHURCH… If these are lacking in our fellowship we acknowledge the need for the congregation to be exposed to them so that we might mature and all be equipped to do the work of the ministry. Ephesians 4:11

  • WE VALUE PROPHETIC MINISTRIES… Our vision is based on times of seeking God and receiving prophetic counsel and direction. Ephesians 2:20

  • WE VALUE THE DIVERSITY OF THE LOCAL CHURCH… And desire to discern, train, nurture and release those in our pastoral care. Ephesians 4:16

  • WE VALUE ELDERSHIP GOVERNMENT… We believe that God has a plan and pattern for government in the local church. It is the same form of government that God has used in every institution He has established. We refer to this as team ministry or eldership form of government headed by a Senior Pastor.

    This form of government involves equality and headship modeled in the Godhead, established in the natural family and ordained for the church in the New Testament. Acts 14:23 Titus 1:5 Hebrews 13:17